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Personal data transmitted by the User

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The Site offers visibility of various destinations for minor vacations in Italy and internationally (the “Destinations”) in relation to which WOE will suggest various activities offered there with related explanatory photographs.

User Agreement

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Limitation of liability

The User shall indemnify WOE and Halldis from any liability arising from contracts made with the support of the Site, associated with the materials published or tied to the activity or inactivity of other Users. The User acknowledges that the owner and operator of the Site are not real estate agents and that the Site is simply a place to promote tourist destinations.

Limitations of use of the Site

In accessing or using the Site, the User agrees not to:


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Applicable law and jurisdiction

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The User acting as a consumer is guaranteed the rights provided for by Legislative Decree no. 206 of 2005 (the “Consumer Code”). In this case, any dispute shall be resolved in the Consumer Court in accordance with the Consumer Code.