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SPA holidays in Tuscany

Sulphurous vapour puffs from the ground and jets of crystal water caress us…
Enjoy a facial mud mask and close your eyes without necessarily thinking about something…
Let your body be rhythmically lulled by warm velvety waves….

This is not another dimension but a spa stay, an unaltered place for ages that now represents a real tourism alternative focused on people and their well-being.

The spa is a place far from the ordinary world where the mind rests and the body follows the inertia… Your whole being falls into a short rejuvenating and regenerative lethargy.
There is no much time to talk during a spa stay, the silence often reigns… Close your eyes and the life carousel stops for a moment, then open your eyes again and everything is slow, pleasant, calm.

The spas are now a tourism alternative detached from any label, since over a long time they are no longer solely associated with the treatment of distinct diseases, but they become a special place oriented to the achievement of personal psycho-physical well-being.

Protection and taking care of ourselves has a complex meaning that combines medicine, beauty and total well-being, a condition that can be reached by treating your body inside a warm and natural environment.

Nowadays you do not go to the spa for healthcare as did our grandparents, but for harmonizing our body and our energy, helping to instinctively restore any lost balance.

Medical treatments alternate with beauty sessions, because well-being naturally makes us more pleasant. The days pleasantly pass at their own pace, visiting the surroundings, admiring a wonderful landscape or strolling along the alleys of old villages and, above all, taking care of ourselves and drinking and enjoying the delicacies of the surrounding places.

The attention is finally focused on ourselves, too often forgotten and absorbed by work, by family needs and the strict deadlines which characterise our day-to-day lives.
Never as in this case you feel a clear dichotomy between the concept of BEFORE and that of AFTER…
When you get to spa, you will be tired and still victim to ordinary frenzy… When you leave spa, you will have light feet, smile and relaxed face.

Tuscany is a region full of attractions: outstanding cities of art, multi-coloured country, soft undulating hills covered with woods, crystal clear sea and high mountains. Strolling through the vineyards or olive groves and let your eyes look at horizon scattered with cypress, is perhaps the fantasy that best represents this wonderful region in the collective imagination.

The complexity of this land can also be observed underground, capable of returning many popular hot springs to the surface. These springs are renowned for the quality and the diversity of the waters, already known by the Etruscans and Romans.

The spas of Tuscany are mostly diagonally located along the Apennine ridge from North to South, virtually touching all the provinces of the region.

The first Italian region in terms of number of thermal resorts (24), Tuscany can proudly boast the title of Italian Spa Region and it has a welcoming tradition that has been able to renew, interpreting changes over time and the new needs of the modern tourism.

The resorts are often situated in enchanted places, well known for their beauty and extraordinary richness of its traditional food and wine specialities that, combined with the ability to offer spa treatments and services of the highest standards, make this region one of the chosen destinations for spa tourism.
Click here to consult the list and the characteristics of the Tuscan hot springs: www.toscanaetirreno.com/it/mappa-delle-terme-toscana/

The thermal waters of Tuscany are several, each of them having specific properties. Some are actually very special as sources of Sorano and Saturnia that flow in the southern area of this region.

This is the land of the tuff, the extraordinary material which still houses many people who live in carved stone houses.

In the summertime, the countryside is scattered with wild fennel flowers that fill the air with their fragrance, inducing rest and contemplation.
The Sorano spas are set in this beautiful place, a resort in which you will find natural hot waters that flow at a temperature of 37.5 degrees with swimming pool and two waterfalls under which enjoying a nice whirlpool.
The waters of Sorano are rich in magnesium, calcium and zinc and are particularly suitable for the treatment of disorders in the fields of dermatology, rheumatology and vascular diseases, both  through bathing and “balneofangoterapia”.

The resort is equipped with sunbeds, parasols, children’s area and sports pool.
Inside the resort, a wellness centre will certainly not be missing, where you can be

pampered with relaxing massages and specific mud treatments.
For sport lovers, we suggest to reach the agreed horse riding school, located less than a kilometer from the spa.
For further information about prices and schedules please click here: http://www.termedisorano.it/


The loction name has its roots in mythology, since it seems to be the exact point that the bolt of lightning, hurled at Saturn (missing it) by Jupiter, fell to earth following a violent argument between these two mythological Gods.

It would be great having other lightning like this! Because Saturnia’s waters are a concentration of well-being and health: sulfate ions, carbon dioxide, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate… Simply a miraculous water known since time immemorial where emperors and peasants washed themselves.

The Saturnia’s water is particularly effective in the field of dermatology and acts as a natural exfoliating scrub, while exerting a deep cleansing antiseptic action.
Moreover it relieves the tension on the cardiocirculatory and respiratory system, reducing blood pressure, with consequently increased the pulmonary ventilation.
Lastly it exerts a highly purifying and antioxidant function on the liver that is a very important organ for the psychophysical balance even in the Eastern medicine such as Chinese or Ayurvedic tradition.

The temperature of the spring water is 37.5 degrees and is subject to regular replacement several times a day.

You can choose to enjoy these extraordinary waters within the spa centre (equipped with all the amenities and services, including beauty and medical treatments) or, for the more adventurous, you can have free access to the Cascate del Mulino or del Gorello along paths opened by volunteers where natural open-air pools were formed, over time, but they are not equipped with any service nor security staff.
For further information about prices and schedules please click here: http://www.termedisaturnia.it

Stopping, looking around, looking within ourselves, a change of pace is the key to regain energy and regenerate. Spa tourism may be the answer to this need and should be at least more than once in a year, because you will come back home having a different approach to things, to others and to our person.

The human body is a temple and as such it should always be taken care of and respected” (Hippocrates)

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